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Factors To Boost Your Google Indexing.

There are some factors which Google uses in ranking websites. With almost every business going online, the importance of boosting your web page’s indexing on Google cannot be stressed enough. A highly indexed page is more visible, receives top rankings, and as such, it is in a better position to drive more traffic to your site. This article discusses the factors that you should consider to boost your indexing on Google.

Have Several Links To A Web page.

The number of links that point to your web page is one factor that makes your site to be considered as important. These links should always come from other pages which are highly popular. The more the number of pointing links that you have, the better. For instance, a site that has 50 quality links that point to it will have a higher rank than a site with only 20 links.

Update Your Content Regularly.

For Google and other search engines, the content of your site is the most crucial criteria. A site that
regularly and frequently updates its content stands a higher chance of frequently getting crawled. Sites which are static and which take long to refresh their content are less crawled and will ultimately receive poor indexing in Google.


Ensure That You Host From A Reliable Server.

No one dreams of having Google bots visit their page when it is experiencing some downtime. If your website is down for a long time, Google crawlers are more likely to set their rates of crawling accordingly. This will make it extremely difficult for your new content to be indexed faster. To avoid this, ensure that your website or blog gets hosted by a server that is reliable and one that hardly experiences any downtime.

Avoid The Use Of Duplicate Content.

One thing that will greatly reduce your site’s Google indexing is the use of plagiarized or copied content. Google easily picks up on copied/duplicate content. Other than decreasing the rate in which your site gets crawled by Google bots, it can also result in lowering your site’s rankings or worse, have your site banned by Google. What you should do to avoid this is to ensure that you always use content that is relevant, fresh and original. You can also use other tools such as copy scape to see if your content is authentic and original.


When people search via Google, they use particular words depending on what they are searching for. Ensure that your content has words that many Google users are likely to enter in the search engine.